Friday, April 27, 2018


Security is undeniably integral to the sustained success of any business. Without robust security measures firmly in place, you could inadvertently be exposing your business to imminent threats, thereby jeopardizing not only your entrepreneurial venture but also the livelihoods of your dedicated employees. Given the myriad of approaches available for fortifying your business’s defenses, it is understandable that determining an optimal starting point can prove to be quite a daunting task. However, within the confines of this article, we have meticulously assembled an exhaustive array of our paramount recommendations, aimed at equipping you with the essential insights to guarantee unparalleled security for your cherished business.

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Risk Assessments

You should begin by carrying out a risk assessment. This will highlight any areas which need extra attention and where changes and improvements need to be made. By identifying your weak points, you can then set plans into place to rectify and improve your business’s security. It is also a good idea to consult your staff and local professional advice to gather opinion on what needs to be addressed and how to proceed with this.

Alarms and CCTV

CCTV is a must have for any big business. It will help to deter potential burglars and could aid in identifying and thus prosecuting any who try to break into your property. CCTV will also allow you to monitor who is coming and going. Having an appropriate alarm system installed is also vital. An alarm system can notify you and also the police of a break-in, meaning the issue can be responded to and resolved quickly. However, take care to only share the alarm code with a few trusted employees, and make sure to change the code regularly.

Security online and information theft

Cyber crime is on the rise; ensure that your computer systems are protected. You will need to install firewalls and anti-virus software. Failure to do so may result in the theft of client or employee information. You should also ensure that computer passwords are changed regularly to minimise this threat.

Secure the perimeter

Having surveyed the surroundings of your business, if necessary, strengthen doors, re-install locks and ensure there is adequate external lighting. If you don’t have a security team, you should assign someone to check the locks at the end of each day. You may also wish to install fencing or security grills if you believe it necessary for your business. These will also act to deter potential criminals as well as making your premises more secure.

Secure your equipment

Make sure you carry out regular equipment audits. This also goes for stock, by keeping a close eye on your stock, you will better identify any discrepancies early on. Also ensure that you stow away any valuable items when they’re not in use, or if necessary, think about ways in which you may be able to secure expensive equipment to the floors/walls. It is also a good idea to allocate responsibility for items to individuals.

Undertake regular checks

It is just as important to continually assess your security measures, especially as your business grows. Criminals continue to find new methods and so your business must be up to the challenge. Ensure that you often reinforce the importance of security amongst your staff so that common mistakes aren’t made. Also ensure that you continue to pay attention to the exterior of your building, meaning you can resolve any weak points before a threat can be made.

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