Wednesday, January 1, 2020


The start of a new year means new resolutions. Many new year’s resolutions involve making commitments to the gym, to cut out chocolate or to quit smoking. However, how often do you think about your home security when making new year’s resolutions? As the new year begins, now is as good as time as any to make a commitment to improving your home security. Sticking to our resolutions and seeing them through can be difficult. However, making resolutions doesn’t have to mean you’re making life-altering changes, but can be small, simple adaptions. Get inspired by our new year’s resolutions for home security and make the small changes that will secure your home; this is one new year’s resolution you shouldn’t ignore!

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Do a security walk-through – check for weaknesses

The first thing to do is to take a walk through your property, starting from the outside to try and find your security weaknesses. Think from the perspective of a burglar. For example, does your home have poor visibility or entrances covered by foliage where someone could go unnoticed? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is time to invest in high-quality lighting and cut back on hedges in order to ensure anyone entering your property is visible to the street and to neighbours. You should also consider whether your locks are being adequately maintained or whether they need attention. It’s also a good idea to use this time to check your home insurance policy and check that your security measures match these requirements.

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Test your alarm system

Now is the time to test your alarm system. It is suggested that you test your alarm system regularly, as ultimately, there is little point in having an alarm system if it doesn’t work or you find the batteries ran out some time ago. While you’re doing this, you could also check that your smoke and carbon monoxide sensors are working.

Get timers for your lights

If your home doesn’t already have them, make a new purchase for the new year by investing in some timers for your lights, that you can control remotely. These are a great security feature as they allow you to make your home appear occupied, when it isn’t. Aside from acting as a security measure, this can also prove useful on cutting down energy costs as rather than leaving a light on all day to return home to, you can simply time it to switch on just before you return.

Get into good security habits

The new year is a good time to make some small changes to your security habits. This might mean ensuring valuables and keys are kept out of sight of windows, ensuring you don’t hide your spare key in obvious places, making sure you set the alarm every time you go out, particularly if this is for extended periods of time and double checking you have locked the front door, even if you are only popping to the corner shop.

Better social media practices

You might have received a new phone for Christmas and are keen to post on social media about your new gifts or an upcoming holiday. However, think twice before you do so. Your social media might not be as private as you think and you never know who could be viewing your profile. It is best therefore to refrain from advertising what new gadgets you have in your home and when you’ll be escaping to warmer climates; posting this information online is like an open invitation for burglars to target your well-stocked, vacant home.

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