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This article aims to provide a simple guide to securing your home. Security is often overlooked or cast aside as an issue for another day. However, the importance of security is not something to be ignored, it requires urgency and attention. This doesn’t mean the task of making your home secure needs to be an expensive or agonising one.

Our guide aims to help you by demonstrating that making your home secure is vital to ensure you are not making your valuables vulnerable. Despite the urgency of security, it need not be a task which causes you unwanted stress and costs you large sums of money.

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Read on to discover our simple suggestions to make your home more secure.

Common sense

Whilst these may seem very simple ways of securing your home, it is perhaps because of this that they are often forgotten.

  • Before you leave your home, ensure all doors and windows are closed, if not locked too. This denies any potential intruders of an easy access to your home. Not only are they more likely to be deterred, but if they choose your home, they will have to spend extra time attempting to break in. These few extra minutes could cost them if an onlooker spots them!
  • In addition to this, do not appear to have any valuables. Keep any easily grabbable valuables, such as phones, laptops, tablets or jewellery out of sight. If your valuables are seen by a potential burglar, you may be more likely to be pinpointed as a future target.

Outer appearances

The more secure your home appears to be, the less likely you are to be made a target. Burglars seek easy targets, make sure you don’t appear to be one.

  • One way in which you can outwardly appear secure, is to install outside lighting. Installing outside lighting at every point of access gives you a greater sense of security by illuminating your home. However, more importantly, the possibility of drawing attention to themselves is a huge deterrent for potential intruders. Outside lighting, particularly if on a timer or motion sensitive, can make your home significantly less attractive to burglars.
  • Eliminate hiding places. Burglars will often look for hiding places such as hedges or overgrown shrubbery amongst which they can remain unseen whilst they attempt to gain access to your home. It is therefore important to consider the space around your home and deny intruders the opportunity to go unseen. Make sure your access points are visible from the street.
  • Use of signs. It may be a good idea to place security system signs in the view of onlookers, indicating to them that your home is secured. However, be careful to not display the brand of your security system as from this it can be quite easy to find out how to disable the system. Instead, be sure to use a generic sign informing you have a security system installed.

Keys and locks

  • Don’t place your keys in a visible spot. This includes spare key hiding places such as under the mat. Instead, give the spare key to a trusted neighbour to look after, but generally keep spare keys to a minimum. It is a good idea to get to know your neighbours as they can keep an eye on your home whilst you are away and even give the impression that the home is not vacant.
  • If you have just moved home, it is advisable to change the locks on your doors and windows. You cannot be certain who still has keys and therefore access to your home. It is also important to assess your locks and replace weak ones.

If you have any questions regarding securing your home, please don’t hesitate to Contact us . You can also find further security tips in our article on locksmith top tips security when moving home .