Security doesn’t just start at your front door! Windows and side doors are often the targets for criminals. Security cameras may help to deter criminals but to be sure your premises are secure whenever they are empty it is worth going that extra mile and installing security gates or grilles to protect your property.

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As an independent business, rather than a franchise of a larger company, we stand or fall by our reputation, and the quality of our service.

PJ & Sons Meta Gates & Railings

While safety and security are their prime purpose, gates and grilles do not have to make your property look like an eyesore, and we offer a range of grilles including ornamental, diamond mesh and strapping designs, as well as collapsible steel gates and high security gates that provide security without ruining the overall aesthetic appearance of your premises.

Bringing forth more than two decades of expertise within the realm of Wrought Iron, metal gates & grilles and Steel Fabrication, rest assured of our commitment to delivering a superior service – spanning from initial design concepts to the final stages of manufacturing and installation. Our business ethos is firmly rooted in meticulous attention to every detail. Our capabilities encompass the crafting of unique, individual pieces as well as large-scale production endeavors.

Leaning on our extensive industry proficiency, we stand equipped to provide tailored advice and conceptualize products in alignment with each client’s distinctive needs. Prior to production, our skilled draftsmen can produce precisely scaled drawings, guaranteeing adherence to the most stringent product specifications.

For those with a discerning taste, we’re adept at crafting product samples that exemplify excellence. Regardless of whether it’s a diminutive bracket or an expansive commercial undertaking, rest assured that our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction remains paramount.





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Commercial Projects

Our mission centers around introducing a fresh perspective to the realm of servicing, maintenance, and refurbishment concerning metal gates, shutters, grilles, barriers, doors, fencing, and railings. To expedite the process, we proudly provide a mobile metal welding service for prompt on-site repairs.

Contact us on 07801 953 171 for a free no obligation call out and assessment of your security requirements and the range of gates and grilles available to meet your needs.