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Greetings, the foundation of effective home security commences right at the front entrance. However, having just a front door in place falls short of the mark; multiple tiers of security measures and consistent upkeep are imperative to guarantee robust protection. These combined efforts collectively safeguard you, your loved ones, and your dwelling. Within this insightful piece, we delve into uncomplicated yet highly effective strategies that fortify your front door, rendering it aptly equipped for its crucial role in maintaining your home’s security.


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The durability and appropriateness of your front door lock is the most vital element in keeping your home safe through the front door. There is a surprising amount of variation in the different lock types for your front door and they can differ significantly in the amount of security they might provide to your home. Different locks can also be vulnerable to different break-in tactics used by burglars, so it is important you are aware of these and whether your lock is capable of protecting your home against them.

If you have doubts, it might be a good idea to upgrade the lock on your front door and you should also of course do this if your locks are old or low quality. It is always a good idea to have a qualified locksmith install a new lock for you, who will use their expertise to ensure you’re using the best lock for your door. Front door security starts with knowing your locks, without this, you cannot add further, appropriate security.

Door strength

It is important to consider the material your door is made from, as they are not all made in the same way and offer differing levels of security, dependent on how and with what material they are made. Generally, wooden doors are more susceptible to damage by burglars. However, it is possible to reinforce them by inserting strike plates which are made from metal. You should also ensure before purchasing and installing, that your front door has a solid core; only interior doors should have hollow cores. Having a secure door can sometimes mean sacrificing on aesthetics, however if the design of your front door is really important to you, you can pay a bit more for a custom door that works for both your security and aesthetic needs.

Another option to strengthen a wooden door is to install a deadbolt. Ensure that the deadbolt extends deep into the door frame in order to maximise security. You might also choose to have a chain installed to your door, providing you with additional protection when you and your family are inside the house.

Security screens

You could also improve your front door security by having a security screen; this is a metal barrier that is installed as an additional door. It allows opportunity for further locks and in doing so, undoubtedly strengthens your security. However, ensure that it is high-quality, otherwise it may not be extra money well-spent.

Don’t obscure entryways

Where possible, avoid anything that obstructs the view to your front door. This might include bushes, fences and poor lighting at or around the entrance to your house. This is because anything that blocks or hinders the view to your home could help burglars go unseen. If your front door is visible, neighbours or those passing by can be more alert to any unfamiliar characters or unusual behaviour that might threaten your security.

Do monitor your door

Incorporating additional layers of security effectively acts as a robust deterrent, contributing to an enhanced sense of safety. By strategically installing security cameras, you can diligently observe your entryway. This innovative approach enables you to conveniently monitor approaching individuals from the confines of your residence. Should any potential concerns arise, this proactive system affords you the valuable time needed to respond appropriately.

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