The rapid and ceaseless evolution of technology continues to unveil a plethora of innovative home security products, enriching the array of options at our disposal. Evidently, a futuristic landscape is unfurling where technology occupies a pivotal role, a phenomenon extending to the realm of home security. With each stride in technological progress, the integration of smart solutions into home security frameworks is gaining momentum, presenting novel avenues to fortify both personal safety and domicile protection. Within the following discourse, we delve into a contemplation of emergent technologies poised to redefine and seamlessly intertwine with the fabric of home security in the impending years.

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In the future, the first layer of protection for your home may not be the front door. Instead, drones can survey your home from above. Drones have been used by the army for years. They are becoming more available and affordable for public use. It is thought they will be used to scan the premises of a property. In doing so, their sensors will pick up on motion, sound and vibration, giving you assurance that your home is secured or alerting you to potential concerns. Drones also have features such as warning sounds and flashing lights, which can help to scare off or deter unwelcome visitors.

Burglar alarms

Burglar alarms in the future could have a lot more features. By utilizing technology, burglar alarms could be inter-connected to criminal database systems and with facial recognition ability, could not only alert you, but also identify the intruder by name and immediately alert the authorities.


High-tech cameras and facial recognition software

Facial recognition software could aid home security. Facial recognition software coupled with high-tech cameras will be able to clearly and accurately identify the people approaching your premises. By cross-referencing the image with criminal databases, local reports and Facebook/online profiles, you will be informed by the software whether this person is a potential threat, or whether you are safe to grant them access to your property. Similarly, if your home has been broken into, high-tech cameras and facial recognition software will make it both more likely and quicker to identify the criminal.

Smart door locks and door screening process

Already available, smart door locks give you the ability to lock your doors without the use of keys. Instead, you can lock and unlock your door via several methods. These include smartphone (app), pin code or fob. Smart locks not only add extra security but can also offer convenience. Using the app on your smart phone, you can unlock the door for your family, friends or cleaner/gardener, who may not have a key on them. A door-screening process such as retina or finger print scans can also add an extra layer to your home security. This will help to keep track of who is gaining access to the property and identify them before allowing them access.

Automated neighborhood watch

Neighborhood watch initiatives could undergo a transformation in the years to come. By utilizing new technologies, alarm systems in a neighborhood could become linked, allowing them to communicate and pass relevant information to each other. For example, if one alarm or security system picks up on an unwelcome visitor in the neighborhood, this alarm can alert other systems in the area. They can then collectively, pooling their various technologies, begin to gather important data.

These security measures may appear very futuristic. However, with rapid technological advancements, this future may not be so far off.

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