Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Enhancing the security of your residence is attainable through the utilization of security grilles, which serve as both a deterrent and a physical obstacle against potential intrusions. After weighing the advantages provided by security grilles, you’ll encounter a variety of options to select from for installation, catering to the safeguarding of your home or commercial property. Within this article, we offer a comprehensive guide to facilitate your decision-making process in choosing the ideal security grille to suit your specific requirements.

Internal security grilles

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Internal security grilles, unlike most external security grilles, are not a fixed feature and thus they can be hidden when not in use. It is for this reason that they are generally the preferred option for homes. However, if your property needs protecting at every moment of the day, they may not be the best option for you. They are also preferable for domestic use because they are more aesthetically pleasing; they can be hidden when not in use and come in a wide range of styles and designs to match your décor.

Internal security grilles tend not to be permanently fixed unlike external security grilles. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, in terms of your safety it is important they can be moved quickly in the case of emergency. Retractable internal security grilles also make the maintenance and cleaning of windows easier than with fixed internal security grilles.

External security grilles

External security grilles are solid and long lasting. They are usually used where aesthetics is not a key consideration. Therefore, they are usually installed on commercial properties rather than homes. Though having said this, external security grilles do come in a variety of designs: they can be plain or decorative. Before the installation of external security grilles, safety measures must be considered. For example, it is not advisable to fix external security grilles to windows which are needed in an emergency.

Fixed security grilles vs Retractable security grilles

In terms of strength and durability, fixed security grilles tend to be the preferred options amongst many customers. However, this depends on the property and your specific requirements. Retractable security grilles are beneficial if you need not secure your property at all times. They are also the more aesthetically pleasing of the two options as they can be hidden and painted to suit the look of your property. Having said this, fixed security grilles may also be painted and come in different shapes and styles to improve their appearance. Fixed security grilles also tend to be stronger, however if fitted properly, retractable security grilles can be equally as durable.

Bar grilles vs Mesh grilles

Bar grilles tend to be a popular choice amongst customers and are often installed in basements. They can be fixed internally and externally. On the other hand, mesh grilles are another option and are arguably more aesthetically pleasing. Both are made from steel and can be powder coated and coloured so as to better match the style of your property.





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