Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Garages are often overlooked as a security concern. However, as a garage can provide access to your home or office, it is just as important to ensure it is safe and secure. Garages can also be homes themselves to your most expensive possessions, a vehicle or machinery. Garages are also often targeted by burglars as they know people will overlook their garage, perhaps seeing it as an extension to the house and therefore downplaying its importance. In light of this, it is vital you consider and if necessary, make adjustments to your garage security to ensure you keep your valuable possessions and entry to your home secure. This article will outline some simple ways to improve your garage security.

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Keep the garage door closed

This is the most obvious precaution you can take for your garage security, however, it is surprisingly often overlooked. It can be easy to forget to do something as simple as ensuring you have closed the garage door, however if in a rush, this can be easily done. It is therefore always a good idea to check that the garage door is closed and therefore locked. If not, burglars will take advantage. If the garage door is open it will also showcase your belongings to the street and any passers-by.

Secure the door from your garage to home

You should treat the door between your home and your garage as you would your front door. A burglar gaining entry to your garage doesn’t necessarily have to mean they have gained access to your home. If you take the necessary precautions by installing a deadlock or electronic lock, you will at least be able to protect your home.

Install a security system

Bar grilles tend to be a popular choice amongst customers and are often installed in basements. They can be fixed internally and externally. On the other hand, mesh grilles are another option and are arguably more aesthetically pleasing. Both are made from steel and can be powder coated and coloured so as to better match the style of your property.





Get a keychain remote opener

Invest in a keychain remote opener. You can leave this on your keys and take it with you, making it a much more secure option than leaving the remote in your car. You should treat your garage door remote like any other key.


It is a good idea to invest in motion-sensor lighting for your garage. This will attract attention when the lights are on and save energy when there’s no one in the room. Bright lighting is particularly helpful as it will act as a deterrent for potential burglars who will choose to go elsewhere, where they are less likely to be seen.

Cover garage windows

Like keeping your garage door closed, it is also important to keep your windows covered. If a burglar cannot see inside at what expensive tools or vehicles you have stowed in your garage, they will be less likely to target you. You could cover your garage windows using translucent window film or have frosted windows as these will both still let light in. It is also important to ensure that windows are locked at all times when the garage is unattended as this could provide another entry point for a burglar.