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Despite the many security options available to us including the growing use of smart technology in security, there are several reasons why we might still want to find specific hiding spots for our valuables at home. For example, maybe you want an additional bit of security on top of the measures you already have in place, maybe you have roommates and worry that someone might go through your things, or maybe you just want to hide the birthday or Christmas presents from your excited and nosey children! Whatever the reason, hiding valuables in the home can be a tricky business and some hiding places are more obvious than you might think. Read on to discover the best and worst hiding places for your valuables.

Where to hide your valuables


Hiding your valuables in plain sight can actually be a good idea. Most burglars wouldn’t expect you to be so bold and would assume you have hidden your valuables away in some obscure and difficult-to-see location. However, if you’re trying to hide something small, like notes/coins or jewellery, then it is a good idea to hide them in the ‘soil’ of a fake plant pot. This is not somewhere most people would think or bother to look, especially when they’re tight for time.

Fake fixtures and decoy containers

If you want to hide valuables in your home, then installing fake fixtures or making decoy containers could be a good way to do so. There are lots of options for fake fixtures which range from clocks to air vents. They can be hard to access hiding places which burglars probably wouldn’t think twice about. Alternatively, opt for decoy containers that resemble canned goods or cleaning supplies or just about any household item you can think of that is hollowed out.

High quality safe

Of course, the best hiding place for your valuables is a high quality safe that is bolted to the ground or at the least, very heavy. This is one of the strictest security measures you can have for your home and the only way you can be almost certain that you can keep your valuables safe. All you really need to do is make sure your valuable possessions are stowed away inside and remember your password!

Where NOT to hide your valuables

Underwear drawer

Hiding your valuables in your underwear drawer might seem like a great idea, but actually it is predictable and overdone. This will be one of the first places a burglar would look and they can go through it very quickly and be off with your cash before you know it.

Children’s bedroom

Children’s bedrooms used to be a great place to hide valuables, but this is no longer the case. Nowadays, children’s bedrooms teem with the latest gadgets and toys; they are even targeted by burglars for this exact reason.

Under the mattress or under the bed

Up there with the underwear drawer for the most obvious hiding places is stashing cash under the mattress/bed. It takes only a matter of seconds for a burglar to take a glance under your mattress. Thanks to movies, TV and common knowledge, this hiding place has become one of the first places a person will look for valuables, so don’t let them find yours here!

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