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Office security should unquestionably be a top priority for any business, regardless of its size or industry. When strategizing ways to enhance office security, our minds often gravitate towards high-tech solutions like alarm systems, CCTV cameras, vigilant security personnel, and robust cybersecurity measures. These components undoubtedly play vital roles in safeguarding a company’s assets. However, it’s imperative not to underestimate the significance of a seemingly simple yet incredibly pivotal aspect: office locks. Office locks serve as the foundational barrier that determines who gains access to your premises. Amid the flurry of considerations for cutting-edge security measures, the importance of office locks, including often-overlooked desk locks, can be inadvertently marginalized.

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Installing new locks

Installing new locks is an effective way to ensure your office is secure. Without installing new locks in your office, you can’t be sure of who has access to your premises. Were the office door locks replaced when your business moved into your office space? If not, the previous tenants might still have keys and thus access to what is now home to your business, your valuable information and your technology and equipment.

How many people have keys to your premises? Do they all still work for you? Has anyone lost their key or had a copy cut? These are the questions you should ask yourself. If you are unsure of the answers to them, you should definitely consider installing new door locks for your office space. This will give you peace of mind, you can dispel any worries of who might have had access to your office, and instead give the new keys to a few select, trusted employees.

Smart locks

There are a variety of different types of smart locks. They can provide quicker access to employees but can also improve security. Unlike a key, who gains access can be easily amended. Rather than having to replace locks, you can simply change the code. This is particularly helpful if you have recently let staff go and are conscious they might still have access to your premises. You can also provide individuals with unique access codes and temporary entrant codes for guests. Some locks also use biometrics and fingerprint scan; therefore you no longer need to worry about loss of keys.

However, smart locks can have their disadvantages too. Software malfunctions on smart locks could leave you without access to your property, causing you a loss of business time and other unnecessary stress. Also, whilst smart locks are generally considered more convenient than traditional locks, some have shown to work inconsistently. In addition to this, though smart locks are thought of as offering greater security, there is the risk that the system can be hacked, allowing criminals to enter your office.

Traditional locks

Traditional locks also have their advantages. However you have to pay attention to who has keys to the premises. You should carefully consider who you give keys to, ensuring that they’re someone you trust. Realistically, only a few employees need keys, those who open and close the office.

Office desk locks

Desk locks should also be an essential security precaution for your office. Desk locks could provide vital security to important information stored in your draws. A wealth of sensitive information might be stowed in your desk, including social security numbers, tax information and bank account numbers. If you are not providing adequate security you may be putting staff and client information in jeopardy and leaving yourself vulnerable to lawsuits due to negligence. Installing office desk locks adds another layer of security, making it harder for someone to access sensitive information that’s not meant for them.

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