Frequently misplacing keys tends to happen at the most inconvenient times, catching us off guard and causing unnecessary frustration. This is especially true when you find yourself rushing to make it to a last-minute meeting, complete the school run amidst a chaotic morning, or catch the bus that waits for no one. The feeling of panic immediately sets in as you come up empty-handed in your search for the keys, even after meticulously checking where you believed you left them or in the usual spots you habitually place them. In your desperate search, belongings get carelessly tossed aside, creating quite a cluttered scene that mirrors the chaos you’re feeling. Nonetheless, this doesn’t have to turn into a weekly ritual that leaves you exasperated.

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Create a designated place for your keys

Taking preventative measures is the best way to avoid losing your keys. Therefore, create a designated spot to leave your keys, ready for you to find them again with ease. You may already have a special place for your keys, such as a drawer, counter or pocket. However, if you have lost your keys before, it is likely because you didn’t stick to this spot and instead misplaced them because you were distracted. If you already have a spot where you keep your keys, make it a habit and stick with it; even if you’re tired or distracted, ensure your keys are returned to their place when not in use. If you don’t already have a designated place for your keys, find one that is secure, hidden or in a safe place and make a habit out of using it. However, this place should still be somewhere easy and quick for you to access and visible to those that will need to make use of them.


Move your keys if they are out of place

If you have forgotten our first tip and left your keys lying around out of their designated spot, once you notice them, move them to their assigned place. Whilst it’s tempting to be lazy and leave them where they are, you will come to regret it when you are rushing to leave the house, can’t find your keys in their designated place and can’t remember where you last saw them.

Designate a place for your keys whilst out 

When you’re out and about and have your keys on you, it is equally important to have a place designated for them. Rather than just throwing them into your bag or a random pocket of your jeans or coat, decide on a place that is convenient to you but out of sight to others, and stow them away there instead. This way you can avoid the frantic rummaging around at the bottom of your bag when you come home.

Have a locksmith cut spare keys

If you fail to stick to these preventative measures, you should have a back-up plan in case the worst case scenario happens. Ask a locksmith to cut a copy or two of the keys you use daily. Keep these spare keys in a safe place (in different locations) or with a trusted and nearby family member or friend. This will reduce the panic that sets in when you lose your keys, knowing that you can at least gain access to your property.

Make use of technology

If you find yourself losing your keys far too often, it might be time to ask a locksmith to install a keyless entry system. Alternatively, you could buy a tracker for your key. There are different types of key trackers available, such as wireless key tracker and remote-control key finders.

Other preventative tips

Other ways to avoid losing your keys include using big/loud keychains. This makes it easier to hear your keys when rummaging in your bag or if you accidentally drop them. Similarly, you might wish to make use of tying your keys to something that glows or a glowing key topper, this will make them more visible in the dark.

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