Monday, October 30, 2017


When you’re looking to maintain both the security and comfort of your cherished home, mortice locks stand out as one of the most reliable methods to achieve that essential goal. These robust and powerful locks are seamlessly integrated into the door structure, showcasing their effectiveness on doors with widths ranging from 45mm and onward, ensuring a seamless and snug fit. While traditional mortice locks are often associated with older, charming structures, they have transcended time and become a prevalent and sought-after choice for enhancing security and safety in a wide array of contemporary residences and properties.

So, what are the main advantages of using mortice locks for security?

  • Firstly, it makes it very hard for an intruder to open without letting the whole street know. They are very strong locks and thus are very hard to force open – the faceplate of the lock can only be seen when the door is ajar. It also has a litany of levers and bolts that need to be dealt with, making it very hard for a thief to break through this kind of lock without making so much noise that they will be heard.
  • They are very variable in the way they can be used, too. Available in a whole host of locking styles, they work excellently for giving you a simple and effective solution for replacing an old mortice lock should the time come. If you are looking to make sure you can get a long-term locking system that can be replaced without too much aggravation, then mortice locks are good for that as well.
  • Another good reason to have mortice locks is the look – they are very classical. It does look very smart and can offer a bit of a change to the way that the lock sits in and works. A door with a mortice lock looks rather more intimidating to the people who might want to try and break through the lock. Someone is far less likely to try and break in if they feel like the lock cannot be broken easily.
  • They can also be dual-locked. This means that you can lock it on both inside and out, making sure it’s more or less impossible to get through for even the best kind of thieves and intruders. The sliding bolt lock mechanism adds another level of strength to the platform. When the key is used, then the bolts will line up and release; other than using the right key, though, it’s very difficult to manipulate a mortice lock into opening up.

There are therefore many reasons why so many are happy to turn to the mortice lock when they want extra safety. If you are looking to change locks or update your security for your property the or Contact usyour local locksmiths.