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Whether you are busy getting ready and excited for your summer holiday or you’re a frequent business traveller jetting off for another meeting, amidst the endless organisation a trip abroad entails, it can be easy to neglect the importance of personal security whilst travelling. Too often travellers overlook even the basic travel security essentials and top tips and only regretfully remember them when it is too late. This article outlines some easy ways to stay safe and secure whilst you are abroad, acting as a reminder before you catch a flight, so you can truly relax and enjoy the trip.

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Secure your valuables

Making sure you can secure your valuables should be one of your priorities both before departure and upon arrival in your holiday or business destination. Your valuables might include credit cards, valuable documents such as your passport, and personal items like cameras and laptops. You can secure these in your luggage by purchasing locks for your suitcases or alternatively, by buying suitcases with locks already installed.

This will act as a deterrent against potential theft and should be used for your flight, and also in your accommodation, particularly if you’re in a shared space such as a hostel. You should also make use of safes where possible. If you will be staying in a hostel, seek out those which are highly rated on security and which offer lockers so you can at least stow away some items.

Cash and credit cards

Credit card or cash theft is common whilst travelling abroad. To minimise this risk and the ratifications of this, you should carefully consider how many cards to take abroad with you and also how many to carry on your person when you are abroad. We recommend only taking what you need and when you go out, leaving some cash and cards behind in a secure place in your hotel room. This means that should the worst happen and you’re a victim of theft or your hotel room is burgled, you will still have some access to money.

You should also take care when withdrawing money from ATM’s in some countries, where possible use banks you are familiar with and always be conscious of those around you. Some countries also dispense cash from ATM’s before returning your card, therefore make sure you have everything before leaving the ATM.

Be streetwise

Above all, it is important you use your common sense. Try not to stand out from the crowd or look like you’re a tourist as this will only draw attention to you and make you an easy target. Plan where you are going before leaving your hotel so that you are seen with a map as little as possible, dress appropriately and use your cameras and phones discreetly. Stick to main and busy roads, particularly if you are travelling at night or are solo/small group travellers. However, you should also exercise caution when in busy areas as these are ideal locations for theft. It is therefore a good idea to keep your valuables close, moving your backpack to your front or putting your hands on your pockets.

Protect your home

In all of this, don’t forget it is just as important to keep your home safe and secure whilst you are away! This means ensuring your windows and doors are locked and intruder alarms are set. You should also consider motion sensitive lighting that will act as a deterrent to potential burglars. You should also do what you can to make the house look as though it is occupied. One common mistake travellers make is to post on social media about their holiday, letting the world know when they are away and therefore when their home is vacant and an easy target.

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