As the warmth of summer approaches, a multitude of individuals eagerly anticipates relishing moments in their gardens or outdoor spaces. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to recognize that summer coincides with the pinnacle of garden thefts. Given that your garden and its ancillary structures are extensions of your home, meticulously pondering the security and safety measures becomes paramount. Within this article, we’ve assembled a collection of invaluable tips aimed at safeguarding your garden, sheds, outhouses, and the encompassing areas. By adhering to these recommendations, you can wholeheartedly immerse yourself in the pleasures of your garden throughout the upcoming summer season.

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Drives and pathways

Firstly, it is important to secure your home from the front. When thinking about garden security, it is easy to overlook the front garden, drives and pathways but these are equally important. Our top tip here is to lay gravel on your drive or pathway. This will act as a deterrent to potential burglars as the noise from the gravel can act as an alert that someone is approaching the house.

If you have a gate or fence at the front of your house, this should ideally be smaller than 4ft so that passers-by can still see your house and therefore can be witness to and alert authorities if there is anyone acting suspiciously. Further, if there is a access point to your garden at the side of your house, consider investing in a gate here to make access harder and to act as a deterrent.

Garden shed and equipment

One of the main ways you can keep your shed and its contents secure is to ensure you have identified and addressed any problems with your shed. This includes any areas prone to weakness, where there are holes or rusted window or doorframes. If you do not fix these they could provide easy access to your shed. Secondly, organise the equipment/contents of your shed securely and in a way that won’t compromise the security of your home. This means locking expensive tools or tools that could facilitate a break-in out of sight. The simplest way to secure your shed is to install a lock and make use of it, use a padlock in addition to this. You could also consider screening out the windows of your shed so that it is not possible to view the contents.

Garden lighting and CCTV

Garden lighting and CCTV are both great ways to deter burglars. A CCTV camera can not only be helpful in keeping an eye on your home’s surroundings and useful in the case of a crime but will also be off-putting for burglars. Motion-sensor lighting is also a big deterrent as it can alert you or your neighbours to any unwelcome presence in your garden whilst also putting burglars in the spotlight and therefore they will be less likely to target you.

Keep an inventory

It is also a good idea to keep an inventory of the items you have in your shed or outhouse. As sheds are not necessarily in use all year, it can be easy to forget what we have stored in them. It is therefore helpful to keep a list to ensure, should there be a break-in, that you can identify what has been taken. You should also keep a list of the serial numbers of any equipment you own and make sure it is marked as your property. This will make it easier to recover should you experience a theft.

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