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Windows are an often-overlooked and underestimated component of home security. Window security unquestionably stands shoulder-to-shoulder with front door security and merits identical attention. There exists minimal utility in possessing top-tier front door security, cutting-edge security cameras, or any array of other fancy gadgets when unauthorized access can be effortlessly achieved through vulnerable windows. Home security ingeniously revolves around the stratagem of layering diverse security measures and cutting-edge devices, creating an impervious shield against potential intrusions.

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The obvious but overlooked… keep them locked!

Windows are generally quite secure, unless you leave them unlocked or open. Breaking through a window is usually avoided by burglars as they don’t want to arouse suspicion or attention. However, if you leave your window unlocked, or worse, open, then a burglar will see this as an invitation to rob your home. It is easy to overlook closing the window whilst we pop upstairs or forgetting to lock the windows when we are away, but these acts can render all of our other fancy gadgets and expensive security measures useless.

Window Locks

Investing in a good window lock is worth it because it is a step to protecting your home. There are different types of locks you could install depending on the type of window you have. Examples of window locks you could invest in include: pin locks, recommended for ground floor windows; keyed locks, which require use of a key to open them or to keep them closed and sash locks, which allow a window to open and also hold it shut in place. Another good idea is to install a bulky lock which can be seen from the outside, by passers-by and therefore act as a deterrent for burglars who will choose to move on. We recommend that window locks with keys should be fitted on all downstairs windows and easy-to-reach upstairs windows.

Window sensors and motion lights

Window sensors and motion lights are great security measures as they can help to inform you if there is unexpected movement around your house and they also act as a deterrent. Window sensors are often built into home security systems. They are designed to detect whenever your window is opened and can even let you know when this has happened. You could additionally pair this with motion lights to act as a deterrent. Burglars like to move around in darkness so as not to be caught, if they suddenly find their criminality lit up for all to see, they will probably want to move on. Motion lights can also send motion-activated alerts to your phone where you can respond by sounding an alarm, again to scare off potential burglars.

Window Grilles

Window grilles are a very effective security measure that you can add to your home. They have the ability to put a burglar off just by their very existence. Burglars know how difficult window grilles are to get past and thus tend to avoid premises that use window grilles. Even if a burglar managed to smash your window or your left your window unlocked, the burglar would be unable to squeeze through the window grilles. Whilst window grilles are often overlooked due to their appearance, there are many ways in which window grilles can be made to appear as more of a decorate addition to your home than an intrusive security measure.

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Reinforced glass

Tempered glass is several times stronger than annealed glass. The glass is made in a way that enhances its strength and thus when used in windows, they are considered safety windows. This is because they make it much harder for a burglar to break in via your window due to the fact that the glass crumbles, making it more time consuming for the burglar to enter your home and more likely that they will get caught. Reinforced glass is therefore a security measure that also acts as a deterrent.

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